36th ADLUG Meeting – Programme

36th ADLUG MEETING – 27-29 Sep. 2017


Tues. 26 Sep.
15.30 Board-meeting CEU Andalucía – Sede Sevilla (Calle Cardenal Bueno Monreal 43)
18.30 Welcome evening & pre-registration at CEU Andalucía – Sede Sevilla (Calle Cardenal Bueno Monreal, 43)
19.00 Visit and welcome reception

Wed. 27 Sep.
09.00 Registration at CEU Andalucía – Sede Sevilla (Calle Cardenal Bueno Monreal, 43)
09.45 (01) Congress opening – CEU Fundación San Pablo Andalucía
Board news & host presentation
10.00 (02) News from the Board – Angelo Passaro, ADLUG President
10.15 (03) Libraries : emotional spaces – Agustín García Rodero, CEU Fundación San Pablo Andalucía [pdf]
Opening keynote
10.45 (04) From books to data: the library as a institutional key of the research – Fernanda Peset Mancebo, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain) [pdf]
New members
11.30 (05)
– Biblioteca Generale Centro Internazionale S. Alberto, Rome (Italy)
– Biblioteca Suore Collegine, Palermo (Italy)
12.00 Coffee break
Progress in library technology – members & company developments 
12.30 (06) High volume digitization, the experience at the National Library of Spain – Javier Garrido, Scanbit (Spain) [ppt]
13.00 (07) “Hey you! What are you doing in my records?” Using @Cult Authify for a better understanding of your catalog – Andrea Gazzarini, @Cult (Italy) [ppt]
13.30 (08) The next generation of LSPs (Library System Platforms): an open source approach – Tiago Fernandes, VP, Global Customer Development, EBSCO (USA)
Panel discussion
14.00 (09) ‘Smart libraries serving the community of the future’ – panel of companies (@Cult, EBSCO, Google [on demand], Scanbit), chairmen Stefano Bargioni and José Morillo
15.00 Lunch (on site)
21.00 Official Congress Dinner at Abades Triana (C/ Betis 69 A, Sevilla) sponsored by EBSCO

Thu. 28 Sep.
Progress in library technology – members & company developments (cont.)
10.00 (10) Guidelines to get the most out of your authority data – Cristina Gareta and Josu Moreno, Scanbit (Spain) [pdf]
10.30 (11) The evolution of the discoveries: the subject discovery and the integration with the OPAC & IR – Carlos Campa, EBSCO (Spain)
11.00 (12) How RDA is essential in the reconciliation and conversion processes for quality linked data – Annalisa Di Sabato, @Cult (Italy) [ppt]
11.30 (13) The challenge of managing the collection: the efficient allocation of resources – Enrique Casany, EBSCO (Spain)
12.00 Coffee break
12.30 (14) ISNI and the OLISuite URI Management System in ILIBRI database – Giovanni Aldi, Casalini Libri (Italy) [pdf]
Workshops in parallel
13.00 (15)
A : Open Source Library applications – chairman: Stefano Bargioni – Pontificia Università della Santa Croce (Italy) [pdf]
B : Open Access & research data management – chairman: Alcira Macías – Universidad del País Vasco (Spain) [ppt]
C : Managing Digital Libraries (including e-book lending) – chairman: Juan Diego Ramírez – Pontificia Università della Santa Croce (Italy)
D : Digitization : operations and preservation – chairman: Jesús Zubiaga – Fundación Sancho el Sabio (Spain)
Activity issues 
14.15 (16) Meeting of the National Users Groups
15.00 Lunch (on site)
18.00 Guided walking tour of the Santa Cruz quarter followed by a cultural evening & reception

Fri. 29 Sep.
Progress in library technology – members & company developments (cont.)
10.00 (17) RDA implementation in the URBE Network – Juan Diego Ramirez, Pontificia Università della Santa Croce (Italy) [ppt]
10.30 (18) An educational project on the use of information for doctoral students – Beatriz Parada, Universidad San Pablo CEU (Spain) [pptx]
11.00 (19) The rebirth of the World Biographical Information System – WBIS – Miriam de la Rochefordière, De Gruyter (Germany) [pdf]
11.30 (20) Infointelligen: make information resources based decisions – Laura Ortigoza, Scanbit-Infoestratégica (Mexico) [ppt]
Closing keynote
12.00 (21) A Technology update – Wolfgang Singer, independent IT consultant – Vienna (Austria)
ADLUG 2016 – 2018
12.30 (22) Looking back – Rosa María Milán, Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU (Spain)
(23) Closure & invitation for the next ADLUG Annual Meeting in 2018 in Italy
13.00 Reception & Buffet d’Adieu on site

Sat. 30 Sep.
08.00 Post-conference tour: Guided VIP visit of Sevilla and gastronomic lunch – departure from the hotel

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