Perspectives for digital libraries and information centres in a world of economic recession

15 October

15.30 Guided city walking tour

18.30 Welcome-evening at the Fundación Sancho El Sabio (Portal de Betoño nº 23) & pre-registration

19.00 Library  visit and  welcome reception

16 October

Welcome & hosts presentations

10.00 Opening

10.20 News from the Board – Juan Diego Ramirez, ADLUG President

10.30  ARTIUM,  Sancho El Sabio   Keynote

11.00  Ahotsak, oihartzunak eta xuxurlak / Voces, ecos y susurrus  / Voices, echoes and whisper, Patxi Zubizarreta, Basque author

Vendors information & new developments

11.30  Linked Data Opac: achieving FRBR, through rdf-ization process – Tiziana Possemato & Andrea Gazzarini, @Cult (Italy)

12.25  RDA, Bibframe, Linked data: follow the evolution of cataloging inside the LMS – Tiziana Possemato, @Cult (Italy)

12.50  LibriSuite&VuFind: integration with other library applications and sources  –  Cristina Gareta and Josu Moreno, Scanbit (Spain)

13.15  Basque Government: Liburuklik, an advanced solution for resources integration – Javier Garrido,  IBAI Sistemas – Scanbit (Spain)

Panel discussion

13.40 Perspectives for digital libraries and information centres  in a world of economic recession –  panel composed by members & commercial companies

16.30  Vendor’s & members contacts (ARTIUM)

21.00 Congress Dinner at El Portalon (Calle Correría, 147-151), sponsored by EBSCO

17 October

Progress in library technology – members & company developments . 09.30 (10)  The libraries of  Trentino, members of OCLC – Laura Zanette, Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Italy)

10.00 I3C: a project for evaluation of the scientific publication production – José Morillo, Universidad San Pablo CEU (Spain)

10.30 Pigeons and beans: the integration of archives, libraries and museums to improve services and to optimize resources – Silvia Bruni, CESVOT (Italy)

11.00 BLD: Bilboko Liburutegi Digitala – Itziar Folla Hernando, Bilboko Udal Liburutegien Sarea – Red de Bibliotecas Municipales de Bilbao (Spain)

Workshops in parallel

12.00 A :  Open Source Library applications  –  chairman:  Pont. Università della Santa Croce (Italy)     B :  Digitization: operations, accessibility, preservation  chairman:  Fund. Sancho el Sabio & Universidad del País Vasco (Spain)        C :  Libraries and archives handling  –   chairman:  Cesvot (Italy)

Activity issues

13.15 The migration of the CEU-network to Vufind – Beatriz Parada Zafra, CEU (Spain)

13.45 The installation of Oseegenius in Italy – Silvia Bruni, Cesvot – Ivana Truccolo, Centro di Riferimento Oncologico – Laura Zanette, Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Italy)

14.15  EEO Edición Española Online: more than 40 Spanish publishing houses invest a stake in the future of digital publishing.  Providing competitive models for collection development to libraries in transition – Maria Angels Escursell, Casalini Libri (Italy)

16.30  Vendor’s & members contacts (ARTIUM);   Meeting of  the National Users Groups

18.30 Guided ARTIUM Museum visit (exhibition closes at 20.00h), followed by social event & reception

 18 October

09.30  National User Groups delegates reports –  Jesùs Zubiaga  (Spain)  & Silvia Bruni  (Italy)

10.00 Summarized report of the workshops – workshop secretaries

Progress in library technology (members & company developments – cont.)

10.30 Discovery tools for libraries…a comparison – Clive Wright, EBSCO Director of Discovery Products Sales for Europe and Latin America (USA)

11.00 Catalogue enrichment: importing Dewey Decimal Classification from external  sources – Stefano Bargioni, Pontificia Università della Santa Croce (Italy)

Closing – Past and future

12.00  Closing keynote – Wolfgang Singer (IBM)

12.30 The new ADLUG website – Oscar Esteban de Mingo, CEU (Spain)

13.00 Looking back –  Oscar Esteban de Mingo, CEU (Spain)

13.30 Closure &  invitation for 2014

14.00  Reception & Buffet d’Adieu at the CUBE restaurant (at ARTIUM)

19 October

Post-conference bus-tour to the Basque Countryside and the famous Rioja wine area

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