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  1. The Automation and Digital Libraries Users Group

The Automation and Digital Libraries Users Group or ADLUG is an organization of institutions using or implementing Library automation and/or digitization software. The structure of the Group is as follows: a President, two Vice-Presidents, an Honorary President, five Chairmen of the Subgroups ‘University Libraries’, ‘Public and School Libraries’, ‘Special Libraries’, ‘National Libraries’, ‘Computing and Technical issues’, a Secretary and members.


  1. The mission of the ADLUG

The mission of the ADLUG is to :

(a)  create and maintain a permanent link between the users of library software and  digitization projects, taken into account national and regional users groups and their structures where they exist

(b)  aim for a maximum compatibility between the various installations

(c)   improve communication and co­operation between members

(d)  improve software and products by advising the commercial owner and developers of this type of software about users aims and requirements


  1. The activities of the ADLUG

The activities of the ADLUG are the following :

(a)  stimulate professional contact and organize an Annual Meeting

(b)  publish and maintain a website

(c)  collect and disseminate information about all topics of interest

(d)  collect and disseminate related educational material


  1. Various types of membership

Access to users group services and activities is reserved to members.

Following types- of membership exist:

  • type A : institutional members,
  • type B :  institutional members of a library network where one institution is a type A member
  • type C  : associate members, reserved for industry partners


  1.  New members admittance

Candidate members should be nominated and supported by two existing member institutions.


  1. Annual membership fees

A membership of the ADLUG is coupled with an annual fee. The amount of the fee related to the various membership types is yearly defined by the Board.


  1. Board : composition and terms of office

(a) The Board should consist of a President, Honorary President, two Vice-Presidents, Chairman of  University   Libraries Subgroup, Chairman of Public and School Libraries Subgroup, Chairman of Special Libraries   Subgroup, Chairman of the National Libraries subgroup, the Chairman of the Computing & Technical issues Subgroup and the Secretary.

(b) The posts of President and Chairmen of Subgroups shall be elective posts.   Their Term of Office shall be for a two year period beginning and terminating at the conclusion of the Annual Users Group Meeting in alternate years.

(c) The post of Honorary President shall be held by the immediate past President.

(d)  The Secretary upon appointment by the incoming Board will become a member of the Board.

(e)  A Vice-President, yearly nominated by the host(s) of the Annual Users Group Meeting shall take office for a two year period : one year leading up to and one year after the specific venue

(f)  The Board is authorized to co-opt Advisors for one Board meeting or for a longer period (within its term of office).  This is particularly indicated in case Board members are unable to attend a specific Board meeting.

(g)  Only members of Institutions of either type A or type B are eligible to become members of the Board


  1. Elections

(a) Nominations for elective posts must be received by the Secretariat at least ten weeks prior to the Meeting at which term of office of the current Board is due to expire. Each Member institution of type A or type B may nominate one candidate for each of the elective posts.

(b) The prior agreement of each candidate nominated must be attached together (by preference with a brief resume of their career, current positions and plans for the post if elected).

(c)  The Secretariat shall at least 8 weeks prior to the Meeting in 7 (a) and for those posts with more than one candidate validly nominated distribute ballot papers and supporting documentation to member institutions of type A and type B.   These institutions shall have one vote for each of those elective posts.

(d) The completed ballot papers signed by the  representative  of  the  Members institution must be returned to reach the Secretariat at least four weeks prior to the Meeting in 8(a).

(e) The Secretariat shall accept only valid ballot papers and election shall be by simple majority. In the event of a tie there will be a vote at the Meeting in 8(a) open to institutions of type A and B only to determine the successful candidate for each such tied post. In any event the names of the members of the new Board will be publicized at this Meeting and published on the website.


  1. Duties and responsibilities

(a)  Each year the President shall prepare and submit to Members an Annual Report and Statement of Accounts, previously approved by an auditor and by the Board

(b)  Should any of the elective posts or Secretary position become vacant it shall be the responsibility of the other members of the Board to appoint a replacement. Any vacant Presidency must be filled from within the Board members. Other posts can be filled by cooption.   Such decision must be by unanimous consent of the Board.

(c)  No elected member of the Board as outlined in 7(b) can serve more than one period as outlined in 7(b) in the same office without at least one such period intervening. However, such a member is eligible to stand for elections and be appointed or nominated to another post on the Board.

(d)  The members should pay the annual membership fee in time, before the beginning of the year of office.

(e)  The members should share their publications, information on automation and digitization plans and developments with the other members via the Users Group Secretariat.

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